Special Construction

Concepts which set standards!

Our strength is not just the technically mature and versatile system range for bridge and tunnel inspections but also in individually dealing with often extraordinary tasks. Bridges are not alike, the requirements in the scope of inspection or maintenance are different and country-specific provisions and situations have to be observed. Our systems are utilised globally – flexibility, innovative strength and uncompromising quality standards are part of our corporate philosophy. With some solutions we are breaking new ground and set standards.



Landing Mast for Zeppelin NT

A good example here is the construction and realisation of a mobile landing mast for the new Zeppelin NT, the only representative of present semi-rigid airship technology. While in former times a whole crew was required for the landing procedure of one of the distinctive zeppelins, today only one man with a well-engineered system is enough to safely bring back the airship to ground and to peg it down.

The “cable car recovery equipment” for the Hintertux glacier cable car

The acquisition of a recovery system with outstanding capabilities became necessary not least due to general incidents with various mountain railways and cable cars and the particular topographic conditions of the glacier area of Hintertux. As so often before, the MOOG design prevailed against those of the competition. In cases of technical defect the cabins which get stuck or become immobile are released from the overhead wires and safely transported to the nearest exit point. This is carried out partly at great height and can only be achieved by extremely courageous and professionally trained personnel. It takes several practice runs per year to ensure the smooth running of such a rescue operation. Hats off to the courage of these people!