Repair Units

31. August 2018

Demanding Repair Systems for Bridges.

The design of the MOOG repair units series MBS has been aimed at performing long-time projects. The small space required on the bridge makes work possible without impeding the flow of road or rail traffic. The statical design is characterized by low self weight and a very high loading capacity.

The MOOG MFG 40 is a new MOOG development which has been completed especially for the inspection and repair works on bridges edges. Being built very compactly the space required on the bridge is minimal. The special design of the platform (T-Form) allows access to the bridge rim as well as under the bridge.

MOOG repair systems can also be used on rail bridges even with very tight sidewalks. The space required for the chassis can be as small as 0,5 m.

The mobile portal unit MPG 180-6 is available for heavy duty repair work with a platform area of 100 m² and a load capacity of 8 tons. With a platform width of up to 6 m it is extremely flexible.