Quay wall

31. August 2018

Based on an enquiry from the Port of Montreal, MOOG designed a special access work platform based on MOOG’s trailer mounted Under-Bridge unit MBI 70 to meet the needs of this customer. The customer wanted a minimum 19 ft. 8 in. long platform to work on the face of the piers (concrete, ladders and fenders).

A telescopic cylinder enables them to lower the platform as far down as 26 ft. 3 in. below the piers upper level giving them access to all areas.

They also wanted the machine to be able to move forward and backward including a steering function during operation which excluded the use of a conventional downward working aerial platform. The design was discussed with the customer in detail before manufacturing the unit and the result was a 9,680 lbs lightweight trailer with an upper structure mainly manufactured out of high-strength aluminum. An on-board generator powers the machine’s hydraulic system as well as the electrical sockets down on the platform. The platform length can be increased up to 20 ft. 12 in. by installing two telescopic platforms. With a payload of 880 lbs up to 4 people can work at the same time. Equipped with a hydraulic creep speed and a steering cylinder the machine can be moved along the pier easily without needing any adjustments to the stabilizer system.