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MBI 160-1,7/S and MBI 210-2/S to Denmark

MBI 160-1,7/S and MBI 210-2/S to Denmark Within 2 months two big trailer mounted units were delivered to an existing customer in Denmark: One trailer at […]

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MBI 70-1/S to Austria

MBI 70-1/S to Austria The final acceptance and training on a brand-new Under-Bridge Access Unit model MBI 70-1/S were happened at the MOOG premises the end […]

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MBI 200-1,5/S to China

MBI 200-1,5/S to China A MOOG under-bridge unit was manufactured for the Chinese market and delivered to the customer to Shanghai in April 2015. When operating […]

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MBL 1750 to Dubai

MOOG sends a MBL 1750 to Dubai Dubai, the most populous city and a member in the United Arab Emirates, is rich in oil and natural […]

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MBI 110-1,2/S to WEICO

MOOG delivered its 500th Under-Bridge Equipment The 500th under-bridge unit left MOOGs’ facilities in the South of Germany and was driven to the WEICO company in […]

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MOOG’s latest innovation: MPB 10-0,7/100

MOOG's latest innovation: Design and delivery of an Inner Pier Inspection Unit to DB (German Railway) In June 2014 MOOG delivered the Inner Pier Inspection Unit […]

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MBI 170 to THEO.S

MBI 170 mounted on Scania truck delivered to THEO.S in Germany Once again MOOG was able to show a new customer the many advantages of MOOG […]

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MBI 170 to Japan

Delivery of a MBI 170 mounted on Scania truck to Japan At the beginning of June 2014 a MOOG Under-bridge Access Unit Type MBI 170 with […]

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MBL 1600 to NY

Delivery of four MBL 1600s to New York State DOT The New York State Department of Transportation took possession of four MOOG bucket type units to […]

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