A MBI 145-1,4/S was handed over to a new customer from Italy at the end of September 2018, after they completed their training here at the MOOG facility.

This MOOG MBI 145-1,4/S upper structure was mounted on the customer’s chosen Renault.  This unit has a maximum lowering depth of 9.5 m.  It was equipped with a platform that provided a maximum horizontal reach of 14.5 m under the bridge and when the additionally supplied platform extension is added the reach under the bridge is extended to 16.5 m.  It can handle a maximum weight capacity of 600 kg throughout the main platform.

Another addition to this unit, as requested by the customer because of the truck chassis’ lower frame, it came equipped with a steel ring mounted between the truck chassis and the upper structure that gives the unit a 100 mm height extension to assist in crossing the tall sound barriers. Along with the optionally added elevating frame it is able to cross sound barriers up to 4.15 m.

Two portable scaffolds were also included and are able to be combined into three different versions which can be used on the base platform and/or on the telescopic platform.  With working heights of 4.0 m and 5.0 m respectively, these provide better and flexible access into hollow box girders on the underside of bridges.

The customer also requested the unit be equipped with night lighting, to ensure safe platform access in the dark since some of their work is only possible at night due to the high volume of traffic in the larger cities.

After two days of training the customer’s operators left taking their unit back to their company to begin working with their new unit.