A new MBI 145-1,4/S was handed over to a long-time Austrian customer at the end of June 2018, increasing their current mobile under-bridge equipment fleet.

The MOOG MBI 145-1,4/S upper structure was mounted on SCANIA’s newest version of their facelift chassis.  It came equipped with a platform providing a maximum horizontal reach of 14.5 m under the bridge, which can be extended to 15.75 m when using the additional platform extension.  This unit has a lowering depth of up to 9.5 m and a maximum weight capacity throughout the platform of 600 kg.

The unit also includes two portable scaffolds, which can be combined into three different versions and used on the base and/or the telescopic platform, providing better access into hollow box girders. The scaffold’s various positioning abilities allow for flexible adaptation to the conditions on the underside of the bridge, which enables working heights of 4.0 m and 5.0 m respectively.

Another special request from this customer was that the unit is equipped with an elevating frame to cross higher sound barriers, so this unit is able cross barriers that are up to 4.1 m high.

Even though MOOG’s units are very compact and are able to be erected and operated in just one lane of the road, sometimes this is just not enough.  In today’s modern world of fast-paced travel many bridges are overflowing with a high volume of traffic during the day.  So to prevent more congestion during the peak travel time, high traffic bridges are now only allowing work on them throughout the night. As this machine would be working in such an area it was very important to the customer that it came equipped with night lighting, which ensures safe platform access in low light and dark working times.

Training took place at the MOOG facilities at the end of June 2018 and was driven to the customers facilities afterwards.