At the end of March 2018 the final acceptance and training took place of a brand new MBI 70-1/S under-bridge unit trailer version. The client was the Lorenz Lift Company from Austria, who then transferred the machine directly from the MOOG premises to Austria.

The MBI 70 was equipped with the standard lateral pull-out supports for stability during operation. The total weight is 3,500 kg. However, optimized in this machine compared to the previous standard units, is the braking system for the hydraulic driving of the machine during operation on the bridge.  A wedge, which presses onto both tires by manually cranking down and thus stops the trailer, is hydraulically released when needed during operation to allow the hydraulic driving of the machine.

The MBI 70 has a horizontal reach of up to 7.0 m under the bridge.  Plus if the supplied platform extension is used, the range increases up to 8.0 m. The platform is 1.0 m wide and can be loaded with up to 400 kg.

On the customer's request the machine was also equipped with a special erection function (excavator erection). This special function allows the unit to be mounted between for example overhead lines in a railway area or on truss bridges. The platform can be rotated by 90 ° before setting up the tower and thus be threaded into the bridge. The additional scaffolding for accessing to the top and the installed night lighting, which were also included in the scope of delivery, complete the special equipment of this under-bridge unit.

Constant optimization processes testify to MOOG‘s claim it has to its products and its quality management.