Once again, MOOG prevailed in a tender with technical arguments against the competition and was awarded the contract for a MBI 200-1,5/S under-bridge access unit for South Korea.

The platform unit was mounted on a SCANIA chassis,  has a standard horizontal reach of up to 20.0 m under the bridge and a platform width of 1.5 m. The platform can be loaded with up to 6 people plus 320 kg of material at the same time (max. 800 kg).

Two scaffolds were supplied as additional equipment, which allow access to hollow box girders under the bridge. The scaffolds can be combined into three different variants and be inserted on the basic and/or telescopic platform. The various scaffold variants allow flexible adaptation to the conditions of the underside of the bridge, enabling working heights of 4.0 m and 5.0 m respectively.

The customer had also requested a radio remote control for comfortable assembly and disassembly or for operational use. This includes two mobile consoles, one for erecting the unit and the other for the operational settings of the work platform. The wireless control creates the necessary freedom of movement and provides a better overview, especially in hard-to-see places.

The machine was shipped to the customer at the end of October 2017.  The on-site training took place in mid-December.

The name MOOG stands for quality and customer satisfaction:
The next under-bridge access unit for the South Korean market is already in our production line.