The Dragages - China Harbor - VSL Joint Venture has already ordered a second MOOG under-bridge access unit for a special bridge in Hong Kong. This time, MOOG was faced with the task of finding a suitable access solution for the Hong Kong Link Road.  This bridge has a length of about 12 km with not only space for a six-lane highway, but also for some tricky access situations to address:  

With this bridge the 6 lanes required a long reach platform to perform inspections and maintenance work, so MOOG chose the MBI 200-1,5/S model. This machine was mounted on a trailer chassis and has a horizontal range under the bridge of up to 20 m. Using the additionally delivered platform extension, even 22 m can be reached under the bridge.

In order to make the crossing of the existing fuse boxes possible, the machine was additionally equipped with an elevating frame, which makes a crossing height of up to 3.6m possible.

In some places the bridge demanded a larger lowering depth than that provided by a standard MOOG unit. Again, a suitable solution was found by shortening the frame 1 m and extending the tower by 2 m. The maximum lowering depth of the under-bridge access unit on the Hong Kong Link Road is therefore 12.3 m.

In addition, the bridge underside presented challenges with some very deep hollow box girders in place, for which access had to also be guaranteed. For this purpose a hydraulic Alplift was provided, which can be mounted inside the telescopic platform. With this a working height of up to 11 m can be achieved. Two smaller scaffolds can be used to inspect hollow box girders with less depth. These can be combined in three different variants (working heights of 4 m or 5 m) and can be used on the base and/or telescopic platform.

Not only the upward inspection is made possible by the additional equipment of this under-bridge access unit, but also the inspection into the depths below:  The pier inspection basket reaches lowering depths of up to 50 m and thereby permits the assessment of the bridge piers.

A hydraulic crane has also been installed at the front of the trailer to lift both to the platform, the optional equipment described above and various materials required for inspection and service.
Auxiliary equipment is completed with a wired remote control and night lighting.

The machine was shipped to the customer in mid-September 2017.  The on-site training took place in late October.

Such a special MOOG under-bridge access unit and the awesome videos we have received from our customers in the past have prompted us to order a drone video from this machine before delivery. 

And the result is great, take a moment to see for yourselves: