A MBI 140-1,4/S under-bridge access unit was shipped to Chile at the end of July 2017. The final destination was the Región Metropolitana de Santiago, which is the economic and cultural center of Chile. The commissioning and training took place at the end of September, where the MOOG trainer enjoyed the most beautiful sceneries.

The platform unit was mounted on a SCANIA chassis and has a maximum horizontal reach of 14.0 meters under the bridge, which can even be extended to 16.0 meters using the included platform extension. 

Two portable scaffolds were also included in the delivery, which can be combined in three different versions and used on the base and/or the telescopic platform, providing access into hollow box girders. The various scaffold variants allow flexible adaptation to the conditions of the underside of the bridge, enabling working heights of 4.0 m and 5.0 m respectively.

The machine was additionally equipped with night lighting, which ensures safe platform access in the dark. Since many operations are only possible at night due to the high volume of traffic, this additional equipment was very important to the customer.

Due to the frequent prevailing earthquakes, a regular inspection of the bridge structure in Chile is essential.

For flexible adaptation to different situations: MOOG under-bridge access equipment is the key!